about seacoramh

Mission Statement

The mission of SEACOR AMH LLC is to manage the Company's marine transportation assets and related equipment and infrastructure to maximize the services available to and satisfaction of its customers. SEACOR AMH will operate the business in a safe and environmentally sound manner, consistent with or better than the local, state, federal and international rules and regulations that govern international trade, and transportation.

Inland River Services

SEACOR’s Inland River Services group owns and operates modern river transportation equipment; owns covered and open hopper barges, tank barges, inland river towboats and smaller harbor boats; and provides ancillary services along the U.S. Inland River Waterways and operates marine equipment on the Parana-Paraguay and the Magdalena River Systems in South America.

SCF Marine operates a fleet of hopper barges along the U.S. Inland River Waterways, transporting agricultural, industrial, and project cargoes.

Gateway Terminals is among the newest ethanol and petroleum storage terminals on the Mississippi River, with a capacity of 400,000 barrels and the ability to receive and transfer products by barge, unit train, and truck. The group’s grain and fertilizer storage facility is located in McLeansboro, Illinois, and has the ability to load and unload unit trains and trucks.

SCF Lewis and Clark Terminals provides terminal services in the St. Louis area. SCF Lewis and Clark Fleeting and related entities provide services on the U.S. Inland River Waterways to assist in the loading and unloading, cleaning, and staging of barges. SCF Services provides machine shop services, gear and engine repairs, the repair of barges and towboats at locations on the U.S. Inland River Waterways, and a 24-hour shore side tankering business.

Other services offered by the Inland River Services group include SEACOR AMH, a marine transportation company focused on providing customers with safe and efficient container transportation solutions by maximizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transporting goods on the U.S. Inland River Waterways System.

Joint ventures include an entity that markets inland river towboats providing services on the U.S. Inland River Waterways, and an entity which owns and operates storage facilities located in McLeansboro and Fairmont City, Illinois.

The group’s South America joint venture operates towboats and barges on the Parana-Paraguay River System and a transshipment terminal at the Port of Ibicuy, Argentina, and SCF Colombia operates towboats and dry and liquid tank barges on the Magdalena River.

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