about seacoramh

Mission Statement

The mission of SEACOR AMH LLC is to manage the Company's marine transportation assets and related equipment and infrastructure to maximize the services available to and satisfaction of its customers. SEACOR AMH will operate the business in a safe and environmentally sound manner, consistent with or better than the local, state, federal and international rules and regulations that govern international trade, and transportation.

Intermodal Terminals

SEACOR AMH operates intermodal terminals in Memphis, Baton Rouge, and Fulton and provides operational support in the Port of Clay - West Point, Mississippi.


Corporate Office
2200 Eller Drive
P.O. Box 13038
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Tel: 954 523 2200

Launching services in May 2015, SEACOR AMH's inaugural route served a 390-mile transit between Fulton and West Point, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. The Company has since expanded its operations to cover nearly 1,000 miles on the U.S. Inland River Waterways.

SEACOR AMH is well-positioned to serve additional routes and has the capacity to provide container and bulk cargo shipping. With experience in the marine industry, SEACOR AMH works closely with each customer to maximize the economic advantages of using the U.S. Inland River Waterways according to their unique business requirements.

These benefits include:

  • lower costs
  • an expanded market
  • safer transport of goods
  • energy efficiency
  • environmental compatibility
  • access to deepwater ports and modern rail and trucking services